The Vocal Body


The voice and the body are not separate entities...

What do we do that affects our voices? How can we find ways to open our vocal apparatus whilst engaging our whole self? Using a physical theatre approach, The Vocal Body© is a method that bridges the gap between classical voice training and physical theatre. The techniques are used to maintain the integrity of vocal production when also engaged in acrobatics, weight sharing, and kinesthetic response in order to free the whole voice. The whole voice is the free movement of breath and vibration that is not hindered by unneeded outer muscular tension to create a certain sound.

The Vocal Body teaches singers how to use the weight and acrobatics to their advantage and how to transfer this information into a performance setting where it is aesthetically and emotionally fulfilling. It enables the singer to have a variety of choices at their disposal without sacrificing their technique and moves them away from their ordinary habitual engagement.

The voice and the body are not separate entities. They must work together to create the whole artist. These skills, when employed together, can open and affect the vocal mechanism, making every performance a unique use of the whole self.


“Though we are not often enough aware of it, each and every action we engage in is an action of our whole self.”

- Frank Ottiwell


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photo by Sofia Sguerri