Commedia dell’arte


In the tradition of the Commedia dell’Arte traveling troupes, Tut’Zanni Theatre Company is an ensemble of six working artists that live all over the globe. Their original canovacci have been featured in the CrisisART Festival in Italy, The New York International Fringe Festival and has toured the southern United States. Tut’Zanni strives to combine traditional commedia themes with modern situations to find the commedia character in every community.

Tut’Zanni runs on a collective devising process. All members are equal writers, directors, performers and composers. Everything you see on stage has been created using the talents of the entire ensemble. We believe that this is what makes our view of Commedia dell’Arte different and quite unique in the modern age.

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“Comedy makes the subversion of the existing state of affairs possible.”

Dario Fo

Nobel Prize Winning Actor-Playwright

“The Tut’Zanni Company brought the historical form of Commedia dell’Arte alive for my students. The theatricality of their performance exemplified the art of making the most of any performance environment, and their workshop exposed students to new physical theatre methods and exercises. Tut’Zanni makes the old new again!”

- Spencer Sutterfield, MFA

Parkview Arts Magnet High School, Theatre Professor

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photo by Angel McVay